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Frequently Asked Questions

We require a minimum of 3 nights per week, 8 hours per night. Consider having a Newborn Care Specialist for three nights a week for five weeks instead of five nights a week for three weeks, this will maximize your help and give you the help you need for a longer period of time. Each families needs vary, schedule a FREE consultation to assist you in figuring out a schedule that best fits your families needs.

While we often fill last minute requests, the more notice that we have the better we can meet your needs.

Our specialists generally offer care from 10 pm – 6 am, although we make every effort to accommodate your requests. Your Newborn Care Specialist will arrive 15 minutes early on your first night so you can familiarize your specialist with your home, your baby’s feeding schedule/routine, etc.

No problem! We are generally able to fill emergency or last minute requests for families.

We provide all of our Newborn Care Specialists with a professional Mothers Helping Hands Activity Log that they will use to accurately document all feedings, diaper changes, etc., that happen during course of the shift. We will leave the activity log with you for your review.

Feeding the baby/babies, sterilizing, cleaning and preparing bottles, sterilizing and cleaning pump parts, changing baby when needed, establishing healthy sleep habits, soothing baby back to sleep, maintaining sleep schedules & logs, keeping the nursery tidy, and education for parents.

Your Newborn Care Specialist will not cook, clean, or do household chores. She is only responsible for the baby’s complete care along with duties pertaining to the baby such as laundry, cleaning bottles/breastfeeding supplies, and keeping the nursery stocked and tidy.

We recommend at least 2 weeks of care. However, some families will request services for up to 1 year. Once you no longer require a Baby Nurse and would like a nanny, please contact us about our nanny placement services.

Your Newborn Care Specialist will bring you your baby when it is time for a feeding. She can assist with latching, pumping, and positioning. She will also change diapers, burp, hold your baby upright for the recommended time, and change any linens that need to be changed. All of this can take up to 45 minutes, and most babies will feed 3 times a night, which makes that almost 3 hours of sleep you could be getting!