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In-Hospital Postpartum Care

We’ll be with you each step of the way.

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Professional In-Hospital Postpartum Care

We developed Postpartum Doula Services for those mothers that are in unique situations and must remain in the hospital such as:

  • A difficult birth resulting in the need for added stay

  • Mothers who had a C-section or complication and need a little more direct assistance

  • Mothers with partners that have other family obligations like older siblings, pets, or household issues or are unavailable due to work

  • Being in a hospital that does not have nursery facilities

Going the extra mile

Serving you the way we should. Our services are not limited to any circumstance; We understand that each birth experience will be unique and that each family has their own dynamics. For that reason, we offer our services that are tailored to the client’s request and also you get all the benefits of having a trained assistant to help you and your baby during this transition time.


Take note: we are in no way affiliated with any hospital, nor will we provide any medical services or advice. We will be strictly providing the Doula services that we do so well, just in your hospital room with you and baby.

Affordable In-Hospital Postpartum Doula Care Packages

We are available day and/or night and 24/7 to provide services as needed

$456.00 for 8 Hours
$570.00 for 10 hours
$684.00 for 12 Hours

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