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Healthy Sleep Habits

Get that much-needed sleep for you and your baby.

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Prepping your baby to adopt healthy sleeping habits

We know that getting your newborn to sleep on a regular schedule may be difficult. Our sleep experts can help guide your child to rest 8-12 hours each night without waking up by teaching healthy sleep habits. Healthy sleep habits teach your little angels to fall asleep independently, without someone rocking, cuddling, nursing, or shushing them.

Sleep training for babies

Our approach lies in proven practice, patience, and compassion that is gentle and highly recommended for your babies. In this program, we will use a variation of training methods that are proven in practice and experience that would best apply to you and your baby.

Below is a list of the methods that we used:

The child is under 12 weeks:   A gentle stretching method.  This method may take up to 12 weeks to accomplish if the child is a newborn.  

The child is over 12 weeks:  Prolonged attention. Involves soothing the child after 5 minutes and continues stretching the time every two times by 5 minutes.

The child is over 12 weeks:  Wait it out.  Although this may be the most challenging method for the Client, it is also the quickest and most effective.  Generally, it will be one hard night, the next night will be easier, and the next night they will sleep through.  This type of training may take ten days to 2 weeks. 

For the child no longer in the crib:  This must be parent-led. We will be present but only to support, encourage, and inform the Client how/what to do.


Note/disclaimer: As a parent, please understand that there will be crying no matter what method is used. However, our job is to form a sleeping pattern so that you, your family, and the baby can get a good night’s sleep. 

Affordable Healthy Sleep Habits Fees

Let’s work together on better sleep for your family because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

Minimum is 10 nights for 10-12 hours at $57 an hour.