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Focusing on Maternal Care for New Mothers

The postpartum period begins after childbirth and ends when the body returns to almost its pre-pregnancy state. This period often lasts 6 to 8 weeks. There are many emotional and physical changes in the postpartum period. You will also learn how to cope with all the changes needed to be a young mother. The postpartum period also suggests that you and your partner learn how to care for your newborn and how to act as a changed family unit. To regain strength, you must take good care of your body. During the first few weeks, you need plenty of rest, plenty of nutrition, and support from Postpartum Care Specialist.

As the family focuses on rest and getting back, our team at Mothers Helping Hands offer Newborn Care in Atlanta and around Atlanta, Georgia that helps support first-time parents in taking care of their newborn baby. We make sure we give mom and child the attention they need and truly make a difference in their lives. Our services include but are not limited to breastfeeding and emotional support and assistance for newborn care monitored by our Baby Care Professionals.

In addition, you can have a night nurse to help in monitoring and ensuring that your newborn baby is well taken care of for a few nights as you transition. Contact us today and know more about our care packages

At Mothers Helping Hands, we offer Newborn Care that helps support first-time parents in taking care of their newborn baby.

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