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Healthy Sleep Habits for Your Little One

Getting your newborn to sleep on a regular schedule can be difficult, especially for new parents. Waking up in ungodly hours is common when caring for a baby with no set sleep schedule.

As such, it is important for new parents to train their baby’s body clock according to their bedtime. Instilling healthy sleep habits teach your little angels to fall asleep independently, without someone rocking, cuddling, nursing, or shushing them.

Our baby care professionals provide in-depth and easy-to-follow steps that you can do at home. We offer these exercises for babies under 12 weeks until children who are no longer in the crib.

Working with our sleep experts focusing on newborn care in Atlanta, Georgia, will help your child get a restful 8-12 hours of sleep, which is very needed for their growing bodies. A well-rested baby is a happier, more energetic baby in the day.

As a parent, please understand that there will be crying no matter what method is used. However, our job is to form a sleeping pattern so that you, your family, and the baby can get a good night’s sleep. Allow one of our night nurses in Atlanta to help you find the rest you truly crave after all those nights of sleeplessness.

Mothers Helping Hands is a group of baby care professionals providing in-home newborn and Postpartum Care. For more information about our services, please send us a message anytime!

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