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Newborn Care Suggestions & Tips For New Moms

Bringing your infant home from the hospital is an exciting but frightening experience for first-time parents. After the baby is born, you could feel completely unprepared to care for your infant after you go home. Therefore, for reference, some newborn care tips and tricks are below.

Put mittens on the baby’s hands.

Babies sometimes tend to scratch themselves in the face with their little razor-sharp fingernails, which are nearly impossible to trim. Soft mittens can prevent your baby from scratching their face while asleep.

Create necessary newborn care stations

One of our best infant care recommendations is organizing stations with necessary items in the nursery. You’ll save time and sweat if you have designated diapering, breastfeeding, and pumping areas.

Encourage tummy time

Placing babies on their tummies encourages them to lift their heads, necks, and shoulder muscles and boost motor skills. Parents are advised by the American Association of Pediatricians to start early. But remember always to ask your baby’s pediatrician first!

Skin-to-skin contact with baby

Skin-to-skin time is when babies snuggle on your bare chest and is great for all babies, whether breastfeeding or formula feeding. There are so many benefits of skin-to-skin. Babies tend to become calmer and cry less. It also causes the release of hormones that relieve stress and stabilize the baby’s temperature, breathing rate, heart rate, and blood sugar.

Get help form lactation concultant

Breastfeeding is not easy. It can be difficult on your bodies, and there are many things new moms need to know, from positions to nipple care. If you have trouble getting to latch or need advice, consult a lactation consultant.

Change the position of the baby’s head when sleeping

Babies who sleep on their backs are significantly less likely to experience sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), so this is the safest position for the infant. However, flat areas may form if the infant consistently turns to the same side while sleeping. Therefore, rotate the baby’s head daily to prevent the development of a flat head.

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