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When Are Babies Allowed to Drink Water?

Most moms know that babies should not drink water until they are six months old. However, if you are a first-time parent with a newborn, this may shock you, especially if you don’t have firsthand knowledge about child-rearing.

As such, it is our duty as a provider of newborn care in Atlanta, Georgia, to provide professional and reliable care for all mothers in need. When it comes to expert baby care, Mothers Helping Hands is always ready to lend a hand.

So, why are babies not allowed to drink water until they are six months old? Let our baby care professionals tell you why.

Before six months, breastmilk or formula serves as both food and drink for your little one. This is basically your baby’s primary need for nutrition and hydration, even in hot temperatures. Giving your baby water may mean they drink less breastmilk or formula.

Mom’s milk is filled with nutritious proteins, nutrients, and other essential vitamins responsible for the baby’s growth and development. Giving your baby a lot of water or excessively diluted formula over a short time can also make them very unwell.

It is vital to offer more frequent breastfeeds or bottle-feeds if your baby is under six months. Do not offer water unless recommended by a doctor. To ensure that your baby stays comfortable while feeding, place a towel or sheet between you and the baby to reduce skin contact.

If you need help caring for your baby, our night nurses will be more than glad to assist mom and baby.

For more information about our baby services and postpartum care services, contact us anytime.

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